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We have made some update to our website. We expect to be done mid March!
We have made some update to our website. We expect to be done mid March!
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About my blog..

These are story's and informational articles that have written during my midwifery training and clinical studies. The goal is to provide you with informed and unbiased information. I also use this space to start my foundation of midwifery information for my future birth services (Born In Bliss). If theirs is something you would like me to write about please drop me a line.

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Meet Tayna....

A little about me...

A little about me...

My name is Tayna Chessman, and I am a midwife- assistant with a passion for women and home birth! I learned about home birth as a young teen when a family whose children I cared for chose to have their second baby at home. They had a wonderful experience.  I believe that birth is normal until proven otherwise and believe that birth can be trusted and respected in low-risk women!  I am currently working hard to bring a freestanding birth center to Temecula, Ca.  Tayna in her final year of midwifery school at the National College of Midwifery and she can't wait to began to offer midwifery service. 

​I developed an appreciation of diverse cultures and approaches to nutrition and health as she traveled to distant countries while traveling with my children. These travels were driven by a curiosity for new experiences and tastes. Often when returning from my travels, my children and I would experiment with recreating meals and crafts that were not readily found at home. The healing power for plants started as a hobby and turned into a passion. When I'm not working, you can find me at home with my two kids, researching and playing with old-fashioned remedies. (My kids are the official taste testers of all of my new tea formulas) I also spend much of my free time reading about women’s health, history, and spirituality

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