Cloth diapering made easy.

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We guarantee the same diapers back every week.

We treat every baby just like our own.  Every baby get our signature service and the highest quality products.  This year we we have become 100% solar operated and invested in hybrid electric cars for our deliveries.  Offering a great service at affordable price that helps your wallet, earth and baby butt!  Using cloth diapers is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Pishposh Diaper Co will deliver cloth diaper of your choice to your door in a heavy duty/industrial quality reusable pail liner.


Wrap the soft cloth diaper around your baby. When changing, just put the dirty diaper in your diaper pail. No rinsing, soaking, or hassle.


Set your soiled diapers out in the pail liner for pick up on your designated delivery day and they will be replaced with clean, fresh diapers in a clean pail liner.

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