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What is postpartum doula and what do they do? - Bliss and Baby Co

What is postpartum doula and what do they do?

Postpartum [pōst'pärdem] adj. Of or noting the period of time following childbirth; after delivery.

A Postpartum Doula helps new parents navigate the first 12 weeks of a newborn’s life, also known as the 4th trimester. They provide credible and evidence based information, physical and emotional support, breastfeeding support, motivation for self advocacy, and so much more. Common tasks a Postpartum Doula can take on can include; Infant assistance and education, sibling assistance and integration, breastfeeding support and education, pumping support, family adjustment, pet adjustment and integration, education about physical and emotional changes, perinatal mental health screenings and referrals, household organization, errands, meal prep, and general household tasks. 

So that all sounds great, right? But what does it mean in practice? 

As your postpartum doula the most important thing to remember is I come to you! Whether that’s a day or two after you bring your baby home from the hospital, a few weeks later once family visits have slowed or your partner has returned to work, or it could mean you call me from the hospital and really need some support in that moment. When we are working together my biggest priority is walking alongside your parenting journey, guiding and providing safe and proven information. Giving you a break to take a shower, eat a meal, or take some time for self care. Trouble-shooting problems and offering ideas and solutions. Being a second (third or fourth!) set of hands in what can be a stressful time for many. My goal is to help you navigate what can be a challenging and emotional time, to help you feel cared for and supported as much as possible! In the birth of a baby, a mother and father have also been born, and you deserve support and care just as much.

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