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Doula Support Service



  • Placenta Collection Kit Bliss and Baby Co

    Placenta Collection Kit

    The kit is includes everything you need to safely store your placenta, including ready-to-use pre-printed labels. Placenta Collection Kit will be d...

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  • Placenta Essence Bliss and Baby Co

    Placenta Essence

      Can be your baby’s own rescue remedy, much like Placenta Tincture is for mothers. A section of raw placenta is tinctured in 104ml of premium Orga...

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  • Placenta Tincture Bliss and Baby Co

    Placenta Tincture

    Placenta Tincture is a very potent remedy and a firm favorite with clients because of its healing properties, versatility, and ease of use. Making ...

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  • Traditional Chinese Method Capsules Bliss and Baby Co

    Traditional Chinese Method Capsules

     These capsules, known simply as TCM Capsules, are made by gently rinsing, preparing, and steaming the placenta over an organic infusion of fresh o...

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  • Simple Placenta Capsules (RAW) Bliss and Baby Co

    Simple Placenta Capsules (RAW)

    Placenta RAW Capsules Formula – also known as "dried" or "raw" capsules – are believed to be packed full of nutrients, vitamins, and hormones. Unli...

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  • Placenta encapsulation| Nationwide Shipping Bliss and Baby Co

    Placenta encapsulation| Nationwide Shipping

    PLACENTA SERVICE Placenta medicine – Perfectly made for you by you!Many new mothers suffer from mood instability starting in the first week after g...

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  • Birth Doula Service Bliss and Baby Co

    Birth Doula Service

    Tayna is currently booking up many months in advance. Please inquire asap for due dates into 2022 as space is limited. A positive birth experience ...

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  • Combined Placenta Capsules Bliss and Baby Co

    Combined Placenta Capsules

      The placenta is divided in half so we can prepare both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Simple Capsules. This gives mothers a wider range o...

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  • Postpartum Care & Support Bliss and Baby Co

    Postpartum Care & Support

    REST | REVITALIZE | HEAL | NURTURE | EMPOWER  Dating back centuries is an idea that in the weeks following birth, a parent should be given the oppo...

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