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  • Do you want to cloth diaper, but have no interest in laundering them yourself?
  • Do you want to use diapers that are virtually identical to disposables?

We have the package for you! Your package includes 100 diapers that are yours to keep; that's a $2,000 value! You will only need to add a pail and 2 pail liners to be completely set for service. It may seem like a lot of money up front, but you receive 6 months of laundry service for FREE (delivery fee will still be assessed) with your package purchase!

Not only are you receiving value in free service and an extra $200 in diaper "equity" immediately, but when your baby is finished using these diapers you can resell them. We will buy them back! Most diaper packages sell out within a few months.

Why 100 diapers? We have half of your diapers at all times that we are laundering, while you have the other half that you are using. The average family uses 50 diapers/wk, so that is 100 diapers. You can always add more diapers to your package. 

Purchase Club - All In One Bum Genius
Purchase Club - All In One Bum Genius