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Professional Memberships


National Black Midwives Alliance - Home

The National Black Midwives Alliance (NBMA) is a member supported program of the Southern Birth Justice Network.  As a member of NBMA you will receive access to a growing network of black midwives, mentorship opportunities, resources to support academic and professional development, discounts on select conferences and special engagements, as well as a platform to expand our collective voices and be heard.  

The California Association of Licensed Midwives (CALM) is the professional home for California licensed midwives

 Home - CALM (

Strengthens the profession of California licensed midwives through advocacy and training.

Increases access to midwifery care by ensuring that licensed midwives are visible, integrated into California’s health care system, accessible and valued providers of maternity care throughout California

DONA International

Doula Training and Doula Certification – DONA International

For over 25 years, we’ve been setting the global standard for our profession as the first, largest and most respected doula organization in the world (read more about our history). In that time, we’ve certified 13,000 doulas worldwide! The top names in the doula field- past, present and future- are likely to have our credentials behind their name, along with current DONA members around the world.

United States Lactation Consultant Association

USLCA - United States Lactation Consultant Association

USLCA is a national leader in advancing the lactation profession. We are advocates for the value lactation care providers contribute to the family healthcare team and in other community health settings. A trusted source of continuing education and professional development, USLCA and its members strive to improve the health and well-being of children and families through breastfeeding. Read more about USLCA here.