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Hybrid Diaper Shell and Inserts Hybrid Diaper Shell and Inserts

Hybrid Diaper Shell and Inserts



The combination of our diaper shell with a super absorbent inserts create a simple-yet-flexible modern green diapering system that anybody can change and everybody will love! This system allows you to use your diaper as a hybrid system or an All In One cloth diaper.  Simply stuff the insert into the back packet and you have an All In One diapers!

What's included:

  • 40 shells - Fit's best at 8lbs.
  • 70 inserts per week.  We have 3 sizes Newborn 8-16 lbs, infant 16-25 lbs and toddler 25-40lbs.
  • This service includes 70 fitted diapers per week.
  • Same diapers back every week.
  • Water proof diaper pail liner


  • 4 weeks $100. Weekly rate of $25.00. 
  • 12 weeks + 2 weeks free  $300.00. Weekly rate of $21.43
  • 24  weeks+ 5 weeks free $600.00. Weekly rate of $20.69
  • 36 weeks + 8 weeks free $900.00. Weekly rate $20.45 

Need some extra help?

As a Birthwise + Pishposh Diaper Co customer you can add Postpartum Doula service.  You can have a postpartum doula in your home for the first few days after birth, or visiting regularly over the first few months, or doulas around the clock, depending on your needs and comfort level. Your doula can come for a half day visit, or for a full day or night.  Our postpartum doula can be added to your diaper service for a discounted rate of $30.00 per hour.  Find out more about doula service here.

Please allow a 4 week lead time.